Jay Bellerose

Talking to: Jay Bellerose

Jay Bellerose is probably the biggest influence on my own way of playing drums. He played on countless albums that I listened to over and over again. Just to name a few: Sara Watkins – Young in all the wrong ways // Solomon Burke – Don’t give up on me // Matt Andersen – Halfway home by morning // Erik Koskinen – Big Plane // Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs – God willin‘ and the creek don’t rise // Alison Krauss & Robert Plant – Raising Sand.
We met at the Blue Whale jazz club in LA and we talked about creativity and confidence, about fear and the reward when you do it anyway, about being true to yourself and a lot of other things.
Jay preferred not be be filmed, so I recorded the interview audio only.

0:00   Influences
5:14   What motivates you to create music?
8:35   How did you acquire the confidence to play to your strengths?
12:55  Arriving in LA
15:12  The tension between music business and creativity
20:37  Do you sometimes have the feeling of being stuck or that you ran out of ideas?


Soundcheck, Ryan Lerman, Aaron Sterling, Larry goldin

Soundcheck: Ryan Lerman – Alone Again

The song „Alone Again“ by Ryan Lerman features Aaron Sterling on drums and Larry Goldings on the organ. If you don’t know the original track please check it out. It sounds amazing and it´s a pleasure to listen to these incredible musicians.
It took quite a while this time until I was satisfied with the sound of my drums. „Soundcheck: Ryan Lerman – Alone Again“ weiterlesen