Jay Bellerose, David Eibl, Eiblinski Drums, Shelter,

Soundcheck: Shelter, Ray LaMontagne

I have to admit: I’m proud of this.
Before I started recording, I listened to the song at least 20x until a was sure to know Ray LaMontagne’s phrasing by heart. I love how the song moves, how it slows down in the chorus. I closed my eyes and imagined sitting there with Ray LaMontagne.
If you want that drum sound on your record, book me for a session.

Tech Specs

60s Round Badge Gretsch kit, „Name Band“ outfit. (22″, 13″, 16″)
1930s Ludwig Pioneer Snare, 14×7.

Main Mics:
OH:  Coles 4038 (Glyn Jones position)
SN: AKG C451 + Shure SM57
BD: Shure Beta 52 + RB500 Ribbon Mic
Toms: SM58
Stereo Room: 2x AKG C414
+ 2 cheap trash mics



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