Jason Mraz, Jay Bellerose, Jennifer Condos, David Eibl, Eiblinski Drums

Talking to: Molly Miller

I always learn when I listen. That’s why I enjoy talking to other musicians so much. It’s a source of joy, inspiration, even comfort. Talking to Molly Miller was all of these things.  Should you not know Molly Miller: She is a guitar player, she has her own wonderful trio with Jennifer Condos and Jay Bellerose, she tours with Jason Mraz and she is the chair of the Guitar Department at Los Angeles College of Music. Thank you for your honesty, Molly. It was a pleasure meeting you.


0:00 Why are you creative?
0:43 Do you sometimes have the feeling of being stuck?
1:10 How do you get out of it?
2:18 Business vs creativity?
3:34 What helped you to become the musician that you are now?
4:25 A crucial experience in your life?
6:58 How do you find the right guitar sound for song?
8:14 What is crucial to you to pass on to your students?

Molly Miller with her wonderful trio:

Molly Miller with Jason Mraz:

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