Adam Levy, Jay Bellerose, David Eibl, Norah Jones,

Talking to: Adam Levy

It is an inspiring experience to listen to Adam Levy’s soulful and musical playing and it is as inspiring to talk to him. I first found out about Adam’s work a couple of years ago when I listened to „Come away with me“ by Norah Jones, asking myself who played this beautiful guitar solo.
From there I started exploring more music that Adam recorded.  I strongly recommend listening to Chely Wright’s album „I am the rain“ and the album „Blueberry Blonde“ that he recorded with Jay Bellerose. (I apologise for the poor audio quality. Unfortunately, the coffee shop was noisier than expected that day.)


0:00  What fascinates you about your instrument?
1:45  How do you keep that joy up?
2:28  Moving to another city
4:35  Why are you creative?
5:24  Does it happen that you have the feeling of being stuck?
6:10  What helps you to get out of it?
7:28  The tension between serving the market and following own preferences
8:40  What helped you most to become the musician that you are now?
11:50 Another crucial experience in Adams artistic development
13:50 About sound and trusting yourself
18:35 Recording the album „Blueberry Blonde“ with Jay Bellerose

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