Tamir Barzilay, Tal Wilkenfeld, Macy Gray, Scary Pockets

Im Gespräch mit: Tamir Barzilay

I knew Tamir from his work with Tal Wilkenfeld, Macy Gray and the Scary Pockets. And I love the sound of his own music. (“Departures”, 2019) Plenty of reasons to ask him if he would meet me for an interview. He did. In his studio in Los Angeles.Dear Tamir, thank you for your honesty and your kindness. It was a great pleasure meeting you.


0:00 Arriving in LA
1:00 Why are you creative?
1:48 How do you keep the joy up?
3:00 The tension between serving the market and own preferences
5:18 What helped you to become the musician that you are now?
6:30 How do you integrate your inspirations in your musical language?
7:20 How do you find the “right” drum sound for a song?
7:55 What would be important for you to pass on to a student?

This is Tamir playing with the Scary Pockets:









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