Soundcheck, Ryan Lerman, Aaron Sterling, Larry goldin

Soundcheck: Ryan Lerman – Alone Again

The song „Alone Again“ by Ryan Lerman features Aaron Sterling on drums and Larry Goldings on the organ. If you don’t know the original track please check it out. It sounds amazing and it´s a pleasure to listen to these incredible musicians.
It took quite a while this time until I was satisfied with the sound of my drums. That may be due to the fact that I wanted to get as close as possible to the snare drum sound that Aaron Sterling created on the original record. I did not try to find out how Aaron did it or which equipment he used. To me the fun in recreating sounds is to find my own way with the equipment that I have.

Video content:
0:00  Sound check
1:00  The drum set
2:35  Processing of the signals

Snare:  1930s Slingerland Brass Snare
Toms:   13″ & 16″ 60s Gretsch Round Badge
Kick:     22″ early 70s Rogers Script Badge
Ride:     22″ Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz Ride
Crash:   18″ Sabian HHX
HH:       16″, a combination of two crashes

Snare: SM57 + AKG C451B
Kick: Beta 52 + RB500
Toms: SM58
Overhead: AKG C414
Room: 2 Coles 4038

Soundtoys Radiator
FabFilter Pro Q3
FabFilter C2

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