James Gadson, Bill Withers, Jackson 5, Motown

Talking to: James Gadson

James Gadson is a hero of mine and I consider it an honour that he agreed to do an interview with me. He played drums on numerous incredible albums. Just check his credit list on allmusic.com and you´ll see what I´m talking about. Some of these albums have been really influential to me. For example the work he did with Bill Withers. But also more recent recordings like Thomas Dybdayl´s „All these things“.
I met James in his studio in Los Angeles. The studio is in the former garage of his house and in this exact same garage James started jamming with Bill Withers´ band and created the legendary beats of „Use me“ and Kissing my Love“.
I might add a little side note because it meant a lot to me: After we finished the interview I got the chance to play on the drum kits that James uses in his studio. He commented my playing with the words: „Yeah, that´s my style.“


00:00     Moving to L.A.
01:38     Playing with Charles Wright
03:28     Working with Bill Withers
06:18     Motown
07:40     „1990“, The Temptations
08:23     „Dancing Machine“, Jackson 5 …and others
10:53      How did working at Motown look like?
14:11      James´ influences
15:00      „Reunited“, Peaches and Herb
16:02      „Got to be real“, Cheryl Lynn
16:50      „All these things“, Thomas Dybdahl
18:24      Writing music
19:02      Why are you creative?
20:00      Beginnings as a drummer
21:42      Touring with Hank Ballard
23:02      What would be important for you to pass on to a student?
23:50      Playing with James Jamerson


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